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FAQs/How it works:

1. Book A Photo Shoot: Please give me a call, or drop me an email. We will then talk through where and when to hold the photo shoot. We'll have a chat about your pet, discuss exactly what will happen during the shoot, set up the location, and confirm exactly what you want to get from the session. The aim of course is to have a fun and exciting session for you and your pet, and to produce some fantastic photos of your lovely pet for you to hang on the wall and admire every day. 

2. The Photo Shoot: I will meet you at the agreed location and we will spend a bit of time letting your pet get to know me. Your pet will no doubt be curious and will want to check me out and have a good sniff around the cameras and the camera bag. Your pet might be shy and may well need a bit of time to get used to my presence. That's all fine, and we will only start shooting when your pet is fully relaxed and comfortable. I have some treats and toys that will help break the ice... During the shoot itself we will set up various scenarios. For instance, if it's a dog shoot, it will be great to get some shots of the dog running free, chasing balls and playing with toys. But if your dog is more nervous and needs to be kept on a lead, that's fine - I can always use Photoshop to edit out the lead later. Once we have taken some images outdoors we might head back to your place where we can get some great photos of you interacting with your pet. What happens if the weather is awful? If we can't get outside to do some shots because of the weather, then we can always reschedule and aim for a better weather day!

3. After the Photo Shoot: I will make an initial selection of photos and edit them professionally using Photoshop. This can take a few days, so hang on and I'll send you a selection of c50 low resolution photos via email approximately 1 week after the shoot. Even better, if you are close by then come and have a cup of coffee and we'll go through all the images on my computer where you can see them in full resolution. You can then make a selection of your favourite images & decide which ones would look stunning on your wall at home or in a coffee table style book. If you want all the pictures then we can sort that out via a memory stick (see below). I will take a deposit and then send the selected images off to my professional printers. I work with SimLab printers - a professional standard printing agency.  

4. Can I buy the digital files? It is possible to buy the files but I only sell them as a complete package of all the images. I will provide a high res and  a low res version of each image. You can then use the low res version on social media etc, and make your own prints from the high res files. I can't sell individual image files - that wouldn't be profitable for me and I need PeckPetPhotography to buy food for me and my family, and kibble for Rufus! I hope you understand.

5. Copyright: Copyright for the images stays with me. I might use some of the images to market PeckPetPhotography. 

Contact:     07515 549485

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