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"Everyone loves the photos of Sunny! The briefing/intro to understand our preferences and your pet friendly approach meant Sunny wasn’t bothered by the camera and this really helped to get the best pics. I know you spent considerable time reviewing the photos post shoot, thanks for taking this time ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure we received a great selection. The whole shoot was so professional, Thank-you!" Nicola. May 2019

“When Tom came to our house to photograph our Black and Tan Coonhound, he instantly made Strider at ease. The natural connection produced some great photos of Strider and our young son, and captured moments we will treasure forever. Being a big dog, Tom took us to the local park where Strider had the space to run around in a more natural environment. We now have a good collection of stunning photos for grandparents and some fit for the Discover Dogs event at the Black and Tan Coonhound stand.” Katrine, June 2019

"Our cockapoo Benji loved his photo shoot with Tom. We spent the first hour in the park - Benji had a great time chasing balls and posing for shots, and then, when the excitement had died down a bit we took some photos in the lounge at home. Tom has caught Benji’s character really well, and we’ve got some really professional looking shots of our wonderful dog! Most impressive was the sheer number of amazing images Tom managed to capture! Its just finding space in the house now to hang them!" Tim, June 2019

The shoot was so much fun and Maya had a great time! She wasn’t cooperating at first but once she was tempted by the treats she would basically do anything Tom asked. In the end we got some amazing pictures! I’m so happy with how it went!" Elif, August 2019

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